What is malware protection and why do I need it?

Malware = “Malicious software that tries to gain access to your systems”

What is malware?

Malware protection is a necessity.Malware is constantly evolving. Virtually every day a new variation will appear, so it is very important to have protection software that is constantly being refined and tested to keep up with this development.

Malware continually looks for vulnerabilities to infiltrate though it is not as simple as saying that, or that it only operates on Microsoft operating systems; any process or platform that can be controlled can be used to perform malicious activities. If you process data in any way you can be vulnerable to Malware, this includes mobiles, servers, Macs, PC’s, routers, machinery and web-based software. Even cars and pacemakers can theoretically be affected.

Originally, malware was a file that would infect the PC and then spread from PC to PC, but as the internet has opened up infinite connection possibilities, malware has grown. It is now often sent via email as an attachment or link; It can sometimes be downloaded when you visit a compromised website without you even knowing. It’s malicious code can be hidden in the scripts of documents, saved onto USB sticks, deployed onto your devices by hacking or specifically targeted where software is known to be vulnerable.

Malware used to be associated with teenagers out to show what they could do but nowadays it is often part of organised crime, with a financial or disruptive objective. Criminals are getting clever and deliberately flooding the internet with variants of their malware to lure defensive software away from the real thing. They are stealing actual security certificates to authenticate the malicious software, so it appears as legitimate and even taking over legitimate websites and advertising to distribute their malware.

So how you can protect against this?

Now malware is programmed in such a complicated way, an equally dedicated and intricate solution needs to be used to protect against it. Malware can now even infiltrate and alter your tracking and security scanning facilities that you use as a preventative, to make sure that it allows their malware through. You therefore need to have protection software that takes this into account.

Historically, defensive software would require updates to be installed when required, but this leaves you open to threats between updates. Again, you need to find defensive software that has instant protection and frequent updates.

You also want software that stores up-to-date relevant information on criminal activity such as known bad IPs, Urls, certificates, paths etc. and that is being constantly updated with updated lists. You can also find software that analyses and tests links quickly feeding back any issues to the software developers.

You need a multi-layered approach. I know that sounds complicated and it’s not just a sales pitch, but you need to think about different protection measures and how they can all work together to reduce risk and enhance security. Just Antivirus is no longer enough.

Eset malware protectionObviously you need to assess what package is right for you, but we recommend considering the ESET packages.

ESET is one of the few security vendors able to provide a high level of protection based on more than 25 years of research. It allows them to keep up-to-date with all developments.

ESET products analyse hundreds of different file formats (executables, installers, scripts, archives, documents and bytecodes) in order to accurately detect embedded malicious components. Potentially malicious applications and possible threats are monitored and submitted to the ESET cloud via the ESET LiveGrid Feedback System. If malicious activity is suspected, then a notification is sent and flagged up on the grid. The software then blacklists the threat and instantly updates your protection without the need for upgrades or updates. You can also submit activity for checking.

If you would like to see how this can work, just ask us for a free demonstration