If you don’t know what you’ve got with an inventory, how can you possibly manage your network and rapidly fix issues?

What is an IT Systems Inventory?

An It systems inventory is simply a list of the equipment your business relies on to perform it’s duties.

They are can be produced automatically using some software to assist you (these tend to go in to too much detail though), or you can use a manual process if you know where to find the information on the systems in question.

What’s it for?

If you create an IT systems inventory detailing the specification, age and installed software on any given piece of equipment, you will find that, if there is an issue with that equipment, you can quickly and easily refer back to this to know what its previous configuration was to be able to set it up again.

Similarly, if the piece of equipment is beyond repair and needs replacing, again, you can easily set up new kit with the right settings, software and applications but only if you know how it was set up in the first place.

The inventory will also help you to know how old your kit is, so that you can then schedule in replacements to fit around work commitments, time and budget, in an orderly manner – causing minimal disruption and keeping your business running as smoothly as possible.

Systems Downtime will always severely impact your business productivity, and so working out replacement targets before equipment starts to fail is a good proactive strategy. An Inventory is a great first step towards reducing the amount of downtime your business suffers if something critical goes wrong.

You can see how much downtime would cost you by using our calculator

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