One of the requirements of GDPR is to safely dispose of data (Data Destruction), but how should this be done? What is your plan for safe disposal of data?

Data can remain on a device even when you think it has been removed, and can be recovered fairly simply. Engaging the help of experts to ensure that data is disposed on safely will remove any doubt, or any possibility of recovery.

Rochester & Associates Ltd are proud to partner with Kroll Ontrack to provide secure destruction services.

Kroll Ontrack are trusted by thousands of organisations every year with even the most sensitive data.

We can provide:

  • A full chain of custody
  • Strict security protocols
  • Secure courier options
  • CESG approved destruction methods*
  • Erasure certificates for compliance
  • Disposal of end-of-life media to government standards

You can choose between letting them do it all, using their Erasure Verification Services as a check for residual data or using the software yourself to remove data and produce an audit report.

With our 20+ years experience in the business, and Ontrack’s 30+ years, you can trust us to help with your data so you can focus on your core business priorities.

Contact us here to discuss your data needs.

Communications-Electronics Security Group, an organisation within the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), charged with looking after cyber security. It is now part of the National Cyber Security Centre (