It’s often a business requirement to have documented policies to fulfil legal requirements or to comply with ISO standards. For example, if you deal with financial services, you may know that there is a legal requirement to have all documents in place.

Documented policies also help everyone know where things are saved and you have a consistent approach to rules and procedures for all staff members.

All our policies are written in plain English and are bespoke to your company but also comply with regulation standards.

Documents could include;

  • Document storage policies
  • Remote working policies
  • Security policies
  • Web or email usage policies

Regulating the use of equipment could protect your systems.

You may allow staff to access information away from the office but how do you keep control and maintain security?

You may also be required to provide proof of encryption and destruction of data to be able to work with certain clients or suppliers.

There are also new European requirements for the destruction of data that you must meet if you handle data. We are now accredited to provide a certified data destruction service that matches EU regulations. Just ask us for more information.

Licence audit

With 27% of software in UK organisations being used illegally, the cost of non-compliance is a major concern.

The implications of getting software licensing wrong extend not just to your bottom line, but to your corporate governance, network security and the performance of business-critical applications.

Source – FAST Compliance

Not sure what licenses you have or when they run out?

We can pull all your information together and present it to you in one easy report with any recommendations that might be necessary to protect your company. We can even help you spread the cost of any licenses you need to purchase.

Understanding how cloud technology can help your business

Cloud benefits are explained and a proposal of recommendations are presented.

Understand upgrades

We can assess whether there are any upgrades useful to you and whether your current system is suitable for upgrades such as Windows 8 and Office 365, Office 2013 and any memory upgrades. This will tell you whether it will work and how things will be set up before you go ahead. We can then help you to purchase the upgrade and set it up for you.