Test restore – It’s one thing knowing that you have a backup but do you actually know whether or not it works and includes all of your business-critical data?

It’s not just about having the backup, it’s mainly about the restore.

If you wait until you need to restore some data before you carry out a test restore, then you are running the risk that data restoration may not be possible,and then it will be too late to do anything about it.

Having to restore data, is only ever required after something has gone wrong – accidentally deleting a file, having a laptop lost/stolen or hardware failure etc. This means that it is usually a stressful time already, so you don’t want to add to that by not being certain that you can restore your data.

We offer a test restore service, where we randomly pick 10 files to restore and check that they are readable once restored. If you wish, you could choose 10 files if there are specific ones which you know you must have.

The follow up report will confirm if the files could be successfully restored. If you request data restoration for a file which is not included in your backup schedule, we will not be able to restore this, but would let you know that too, so that you can then review your backup strategy and data structure as necessary.

Obviously successful completion of the test restore for these 10 files, does not confirm that all of your business-critical data is being backed up, it only provides a snapshot. We can discuss details about the process for restoring data and what data you should test and backup. Just give us a call.

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