We specialise in making computers, servers and networks do what businesses need.

We understand that downtime costs you money and that your IT needs to be set up correctly to help you be more efficient and productive.

We supply a range of services that we know save our clients time and money and help their business function correctly on a daily basis.

We only recommend hardware, software and solutions that we know are proven and trusted and we offer lease options and free trials for Anti-Virus, Office 365 and Backup just to make your life simpler.

Take a look at the services we can provide:


We are an Eset silver partner – which means you get the best product with a high level of support.
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Securing your business data is vitally important to all businesses, we offer both online and local backup options.
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From simple ADSL to Fibre connections, Leased lines and Wireless networks we can provide for your connectivity needs.
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Clean up

Is your PC or laptop running slowly? Do you notice more adverts popping up all the time? It’s likely your system needs a clean up…
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Complying to your legal requirements can be a pain, as can writing policy documents. We’ve helped clients achieve their compliance needs.
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Data Recovery

You may only get ONE chance at data recovery after a disaster, and attempting recovery yourself may cause repairable damage to the data..
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In these days of cyber crime, you need to know your data is safe. Encrypting data protects it from prying eyes and we can offer you a free 30 day trial.
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Office 365

Heard about Office 365 or simply looking for a cheaper way to have all the Microsoft Office packages your business needs? We can off a you free trial.
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Routers and Firewalls

Industry leading business routers and firewalls, from Draytek and Watchguard, installed and configured if you require.
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Servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, and networking equipment. Single until or multiple items, we can source the right product at competitive prices.
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Website Hosting

Looking for a better host that won’t hold your website to ransom? Our hosting platform puts you in control at an amazing price.
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Backup test restore

It’s one thing knowing that you have a backup but do you actually know whether or not it works and includes all of your business-critical data?.
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