We’ve all experienced the frustration of slow running computers, delays in getting emails and/or getting answers to fix computer related problems.

When we were introduced to a prospect who was feeling the pain of IT issues but couldn’t pin point exactly what was going on, they were genuinely shocked at what our investigations found.

The client accepted our free IT audit, as the guarantee of it adding value to their business really appealed to them and they knew that something had to change as their business;  productivity was suffering badly, which ultimately was impacting on staff morale and their bottom line.

Following our report and subsequent intervention, they knew what they needed to do, the priority that they needed to do it in, how long it would take and how much it would cost.

Suffice to say their systems were in a mess!

It was only after checking that they found out that antivirus wasn’t installed on all of their devices – they knew that they had it and the benefits that it gave them but didn’t know it wasn’t providing protection as it wasn’t installed! The consequences of this could have been catastrophic including data loss, corruption as well as a significant amount of wasted time and money.

In addition they had never checked to see if their ‘backup’ was actually working as they just assumed it was. They couldn’t believe it when we informed them that their backup was over 6 months out of date. Had we not fixed this and they came to rely on that backup, they could quite possibly have gone out of business.

A lot of the staff had grown so used to the systems running slowly, that it had become the norm. One of our recommendations was to carry out a system clean-up which resulted in the systems being notably quicker, more reliable and easier to use. One member of staff said “it means when customers are on the phone they don’t have to be put on hold while I wait for the computer to give me the information I need. I can stop apologising to customers and give them much better service.”

During later discussions we found out that they were aware of the GDPR regulations but didn’t know how to go about finding out what they needed to do, or how to ensure their compliance. As they, like many businesses, held a database including individual names, email addresses and contact details etc. they needed to ensure that this was protected, access restricted and the data encrypted.

We implemented an encryption solution for them but also helped them to streamline where and how their data is saved. Every staff member used to have their own individual way of doing this which meant it was a nightmare if you needed to get to a document another person had compiled.

The MD of the company thanked us profusely for our help saying that they had “been worrying about what to do with the IT and losing sleep over it for months because [they] didn’t know what to do. [He] had the first decent night’s sleep in a long time” after we got involved.

If you have similar IT worries or just want to know how your IT could work better for you and your business then please get in touch so you can experience our free IT audit and the guaranteed benefits that go with it.