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If you are not using an Exchange account sharing your calendar may not be available. Attempting to set up calendar sharing within Outlook using this FAQ will not work.

You can share your calendar Outlook and choose which person has viewing rights, and which person has editing rights.

You can also create multiple calendars so that when you do share a calendar you are only sharing that particular project with that particular team and anything else you have on they don’t see.
You can review who is seeing what in terms of your calendar by simply clicking on the calendar on the left hand side of the screen, right click and go to permissions.

To share your calendar with someone new. Click on the calendar under My calendar as above. Right click on it to bring up a menu and select share, share calendar.
You can then invite whoever to share your calendar and change the details according to what you want them to see.

You can also send a copy of your calendar to people on an email but that is for viewing outside your organisation really.