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By default, Microsoft Exchange Server accounts can’t use rules to forward messages to email addresses outside your organisation. The Exchange Administrator can change this for you if needed.

To set up an auto-forward click on File and then press the ‘Rules and Alerts’ button (it should appear as the fourth option).

Click on New Rule, select the type of rule you want to use or select start from a blank rule.

If you are selecting a blank rule click on messages I receive and then select the conditions you want to add to your rule.
Select the person or group to forward to. You can set exceptions if you need to.
Name your rule so you remember it.
You can also run a rule on your current inbox so you can send any emails that need looking after or chasing while you are away. Just tick the Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox” box.

Rules are automatic so if you don’t change it, it will stay on until it is switched off or cancelled.
Select the Create this rule on all accounts box.
And you are done.