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This is an extremely serious issue, this cannot be stressed strongly enough – we have seen instances where the lack of a working backup was the primary cause for a business folding.

Imagine not having any financial data, contact data or stock data. This is potentially the scenario you may find yourselves in.

Backups should be in at least 3 places:

  • Your PC – in another folder or on an external storage device (please try not to use a USB stick for backup, they are not reliable enough!)
  • A file store – this could be a server or a DVD disc
  • Removable media, or online backup solution (we have our own backup server for this purpose)

Once you have these 3 locations running you should be in a reasonably comfortable position with your data.

You should test your backup from time to time, by performing a test restore. Restore your data to a known location and test to see that the files you need are available and accessible.

To get it fixed – Contact or call us as soon as possible…