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Installing a new PC takes time, so patience is needed first and foremost.

That said, here’s what we would recommend for a new installation:

  • Windows updates.
    Get to the point that Windows states that there are no more updates required. Make sure that you are getting them from Microsoft as sometimes.
  • Antivirus Software.
    Install Eset next, as this provides protection to the PC.
  • Microsoft Office.
    Install this and connect Outlook to the email services, then run the Windows updates to get the Office updated – again keep going until nothing is required.
  • Printers.
    Connect to all required printers and set the default – you may need some drivers for some of the printers.
  • Utilities.
    Personal preferences rule here, but we would usually install:

    • Adobe PDF reader
    • Java
    • CCleaner
    • Defraggler
    • Malwarebytes
  • Configure the Start button.
    Right click the start button – select properties and click the customize button. We suggest at least adding the ‘Run command’.
  • Propriety software.
    Many clients use specific software for the day to day business activities, these need installing and configuring.

That should put you in a good position to use the PC