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Setting up DESLock+ isn’t difficult but please be aware it can take several hours to complete, so make sure you have the time. Also please take the time to secure the system properly and save that admin password somewhere where it can be recovered (or make sure we have a copy!).

To start the encryption, right click the DESlock+ Icon next to the clock.  Select the Full Disk Encryption\Full Disk Encryption menu.

In the DESlock+ Full Disk Encryption dialog click the Manage Disks button.

Click the Finish button to allow the system to restart and verify the system boots using Safe Start.

A warning will appear explaining Windows will restart.  Ensure you have saved your work then click OK to allow the system to restart.

When the machine restarts you should see the Safe Start count down screen, you can either wait 60 seconds or press a key.

When Windows loads login to DESlock+.
Providing the safe start process was successful a dialog will appear explaining it was successful.  Click OK to continue.

If you are using a tablet or other touch interface device you may receive a warning at this point that a USB keyboard will be required to start the machine once it is encrypted.  Click OK to continue.
Select the Whole Disk or partition to encrypt.  Then click the Next button.

A dialog will appear detailing that you should have a backup before proceeding.  Click the checkbox Check to confirm and continuethen click Next.

The admin password will be displayed on screen.  It is vital that a backup of this password is taken.  You will need this to manage or decrypt the system in the future and it can be useful as an extra emergency login should the normal passwords be forgotten.
Click the Save to File button to save a copy of the admin password.  You will need to specify a storage location that is not on the system i.e. removable or network storage (Save it to your server and identify it if possible, for instance in a /username/Deslock folder).  You can also optionally print a copy of the admin password.
Once the password has been saved, enter the admin password into the Confirm password entry then click Next.

It is VITAL that you save this file somewhere where it can be recovered in an emergency or if you forget your start up password. Your system will become locked without recovery if you cannot log in to it.

Enter your username and password to use with the system then click Add to add this to the user list.  This information will be required to start the machine in the future so you should make certain you know what values are chosen.
You can also add further logins for other users with different passwords as required.

We suggest using more than one person’s details. Although this reduces security a little, we feel that the additional ability to unlock the machine by more than one person is worth it.

Click Next once you are happy with the user list.

Set the check box labelled Check to confirm the above information is correct.  Then click the Next button.

A progress bar will appear detailing the encryption progress.

The machine can be used while encryption is progressing.  You can restart, shutdown etc. as normal and the encryption process will resume when Windows loads.
Once encryption has completed a notification will pop up indicating this.