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Sometimes you need to change, remove or add files to the R&A backup system as your needs change.
To do so simply follow the process below to change the files you are backing up.


Please be aware that you are changing what the system backs up, and as such you may inadvertently stop the backup from saving your critical files, or increase the backup size over the quota you are using.

This may stop the backup working if you are not careful!

Please be very careful and extra vigilant!

  1. Run the backup software – it’s either in the start menu as R&A OR double click the little padlock down near the clock (bottom right). It might be ‘hidden’ so you may need to click the little ‘up arrow’ near the clock to find it.
  2. Once it’s open and you can see the [Backup] and [Restore] buttons on the left side of the app – click the little cog symbol at the bottom.
    R&A Backup app
  3. When the settings page opens up click the [Backup Source] link on the left – then the [Advanced] button on the right
    R&A Backup settings
  4. This will show the file chooser window where you can tell the sytem to backup whatever you wish. You should be able to de-select the offending folder (it’ll be in red) and correct the files as you see fit.
    R&A File chooser
  5. Click ‘OK’ at the bottom