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Printing problems can be caused by many different issues such as the PC, server, network or the printer itself.
Check the following:

Check the hardware

If your printer has any problems with the hardware, such as a paper jam or a carriage jam, incorrectly installed cartridges, or even low ink, it could appear that print jobs are getting stuck in the print queue or that the printer is offline.

Fix this first!

If the printer is turned on but Windows is stating it is offline, go to the control panel and find printers. Right click the icon of your printer and choose the option “use printer online”.

Can the printer run a test print?

You can check this by simply printing off a test sheet of some kind directly from the printer – you may have a menu system on the printer which you can navigate through to find a printer test page, or you may have to hold a button down to print the test page.

If the printer can’t print, then you will have to resolve this before testing from the PC again.

Check the USB connection

Remove all other USB peripherals (except keyboard and mouse), wait 5 seconds and them re-plug the USB cable at both ends.

Also try re-plugging the printer in to a different USB port on the PC.

If you connect the printer via any USB hub, try connecting directly to the PC and testing again.

Is the printer connected to the network?

This might get a little technical, but basically check the network details on the printer control panel or you’ll need to see a printer configuration sheet (or screen) which shows the IP address of the printer.

Once you know this you can test the communication to the printer by simply ‘pinging’ the IP address:

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard winkey + the letter ‘R’
  • Type ‘cmd’ (without quotes) and press ok
  • Type ‘Ping the.ip.of.printer’ (i.e. ping
  • Watch the results – you should get ‘replies’ similar to
    Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128

If you get anything else then you have a communication error – you may need to reconnect your printer to the wireless network – or simply disconnect and reconnect the network cable.

Also check the port address in the printer properties (right click the printer and select ‘Printer properties’) view the details on the ‘ports’ tab. Make sure the port that is ticked, uses the same IP address of the printer.

You may have an issue with the printer ‘Spooler’

The spooler is a cache used to speed up the printing process; sometimes it gets confused. You’ll need an administrative command prompt for this:

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard winkey + the letter ‘R’
  • Type ‘services.msc’ (without quotes) and press OK
  • Find the ‘Print spooler’ service and right click it
  • Select ‘Restart’ to restart the spooler.

Reinstall the printer software

Sometimes something goes wrong with the ‘drivers’ for the printer (the software that tells the hardware how to work.

I’d suggest getting the latest drivers from the manufacturers website and installing them.

And if not…

Then the next step is you need professional help!

Contact us and we’ll see what magic we can perform…