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We all know that the time we spend on electronic devices is increasing but have you ever actually added it up?

Do we spend more time with our computer devices than with our partners?

An Ofcom Report1 last year found that on average we are online for 24 hours of the week, with one in five adults experiencing 40 hours of online viewing a week. That is twice as long as ten years ago. We wrote back in 2015 about how, due to increased screen time, computers were beginning to predict our personalities more than our friends and family (

This time is only increasing.

Now we rely on computers at work, but we also use smartphones and tablets more on the go and at home. This could include working from home, browsing social media, shopping, video downloading and even reading the news. So, what can we do to be more efficient with our computer devices allowing more time this Valentine’s Day with our partners?

  • Make flexible working possible – use secure remote connections to work from home.
  • Sync devices so it saves time looking things up and accessing documents.
  • Use Office365 video conferencing to hold meetings from anywhere so you don’t have to stay late or get in early for that extra meeting.
  • Make sure you have a regular automated backup and that it is checked regularly. You don’t want to waste valuable time doing the task again.
  • Set rules in Outlook to manage your emails, reducing how many you have to wade through and file. It also makes it easier to find things without endless searching. You just set up a rule for emails from a source to go into a specific folder or to be flagged as a priority for review.
  • Share your calendar so people can see when you are off and arrange meetings without having to contact you.
  • Get your PC cleaned up so it’s quicker and more efficient.
  • Improve your broadband speed so accessing the things you need to is quicker and you can finish earlier for that all important Valentine’s meal.

Unfortunately, looking at it from a different point of view, increased time online also comes with the need for increased security on all devices. So, setting permissions for areas that can be accessed from remote devices is important. Encrypting all devices and ensuring any devices with emails have Antivirus installed is essential. If you need help with this, our new security bundle includes Antivirus, Mobile Antivirus and Encryption. Buy one service and get 10% off the other two services when purchased as a bundle.

If you need any help with any of the points above, or you have any questions, just give us a call. And most of all, have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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