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May we, ADW Electrical Solutions – Huddersfield, congratulate your company on “fixing” an issue with our main computer.

We were experiencing major issues, including slowness, programmes not opening, downloads taking forever and email issue’s for nearly 2 weeks.

The frustration was beyond belief, and the PC nearly ended up in our main road !! - then we made a phone call to Rochester & Associates, who treated our “nightmare” as a day to day job! And, after approx. 1 hour, and we didn’t even have to unplug our PC – Simon from his office in Bradford, performed a remote access to our PC and quickly recognised the problem, and duly rectified the issue, performing a “system clean-up” and removing unwanted programmes.

The PC is like new again, so fast and working better than ever ! the relief after Rochester’s involvement was incredible, and we were asking ourselves “why did we put up with the problems for all that time” !!

Thank you Simon, we will not hesitate in the future of contacting you at the earliest time we have any other PC issues, and will recommend your organisation to everyone we know.

Tony Wilcock Managing Director 13th Sep 2016

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This is a brilliant IT company. They are always happy to help you with your IT needs, very friendly and explain clearly what needs to be done and how they will resolve your issues

Catherine Casey 20th Jul 2018

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I just wanted to thank you once again for being our absolute saviours.  I honestly do not know what we would do without you.

We moved very recently and our network collapsed whilst being relocated.  An email sent at an incredibly unsociable hour saw both Tor and Simon respond to us the very next day in their usual friendly and incredibly efficient manner.  A few hours later Simon was on site and our stresses were over.

I honestly cannot thank you enough, in all the time we have been dealing with you, which goes back to 2006 believe it or not, you have always being so efficient and empathic to our circumstances, whether it be in relation to broadband services that you provide to us, or for our IT requirements.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that was in need of them.

I look forward to speaking to you very soon.

Sam Townsley Managing Director 10th Oct 2017