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Inspiral Marketing
Great job, thank you!
20th Jul 2018

Rochester's sorted me out with encryption for all my devices in just 24 hours, with step by step instructions to follow to install it. I explained what I wanted and why and they were able to recommend the best solution to fit my needs. Great job, thank you!

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Joe Gibson
Peace of mind
20th Jul 2018

If our IT systems are down, we can’t get the order on and we can’t send the orders over to the warehouse, it is really business critical.

With their manufacturing expertise, Rochester & Associates give us the peace of mind that our IT systems are covered and support the integration of our systems between our offices and warehouse

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Andrew Rostron
Marketing consultant
Very professional and thorough advice & support
21st Feb 2014

Rochester & Associates were IT support for a company that I was engaged to provide marketing support to.

During this period the company experienced major virus infection on it's network.

Tor provided very professional and thorough advice & support, enabling us to clean the system & restore from backups Rochester held without any disruption to production.

Would definitely recommend.