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I have to mention how pleased I am with Tor and Simon at Rochester and Associates.

I lost my documents (or rather Tor told me they were just hidden) on my laptop.

I didn't care about the rest of the things on there I was mortified that I had lost my pictures of my daughter, every picture I had taken of her over the past 5 years.

Stupidly I didn't back them up.

Words can't describe how pleased I was when Tor informed me they had located my pictures.

Rochester saved me a lot of money and heartache as these pictures of my daughter are priceless and can't be replaced.

Thank you so much Tor.
I will for sure be recommending you to others. 🙂

Jason Archdale Contractor 17th Jun 2011

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May we, ADW Electrical Solutions – Huddersfield, congratulate your company on “fixing” an issue with our main computer.

We were experiencing major issues, including slowness, programmes not opening, downloads taking forever and email issue’s for nearly 2 weeks.

The frustration was beyond belief, and the PC nearly ended up in our main road !! - then we made a phone call to Rochester & Associates, who treated our “nightmare” as a day to day job! And, after approx. 1 hour, and we didn’t even have to unplug our PC – Simon from his office in Bradford, performed a remote access to our PC and quickly recognised the problem, and duly rectified the issue, performing a “system clean-up” and removing unwanted programmes.

The PC is like new again, so fast and working better than ever ! the relief after Rochester’s involvement was incredible, and we were asking ourselves “why did we put up with the problems for all that time” !!

Thank you Simon, we will not hesitate in the future of contacting you at the earliest time we have any other PC issues, and will recommend your organisation to everyone we know.

Tony Wilcock Managing Director 13th Sep 2016

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If our IT systems are down, we can’t get the order on and we can’t send the orders over to the warehouse, it is really business critical.

With their manufacturing expertise, Rochester & Associates give us the peace of mind that our IT systems are covered and support the integration of our systems between our offices and warehouse

Joe Gibson 20th Jul 2018