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We know how good we are, but it’s all hot air until you really experience the level of service we can offer.

So rather that bleat on about it, why not hear from the many businesses we help on a regular basis.

Here is a random selection of the testimonials our clients have written about us for you to help get a feel for who we really are.

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Over the months Tor attended Mentor Square meetings I observed a person who likes to get to the crux of the problem fast.

She's no nonsense, likes fast solutions & uses simple English. She also has a strong sense of what's right and wrong.

Two other members of Mentor Square use and work with Rochester & Associates. One as a customer and the other contracts to them.

Knowing them as I do they wouldn't use/work with Tor's company if they did a poor quality job

Richard Baker Business coach and mentor 20th Jul 2018

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Since first meeting Tor whilst networking I have used her company's services consistently to provide a reliable IT service without all the normal techy speak and at a rate which doesn't break the bank every time you pick up the phone to them.

I have recommended them on many occasions in the past and will continue to do so.

More recently, Rochester and Associates have helped me make a seamless transition to the world of Cloud based computing with many benefits to how I work when away from my base.

Mike Eastwood Exhibiting Consultant 23rd May 2013

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If our IT systems are down, we can’t get the order on and we can’t send the orders over to the warehouse, it is really business critical.

With their manufacturing expertise, Rochester & Associates give us the peace of mind that our IT systems are covered and support the integration of our systems between our offices and warehouse

Joe Gibson 20th Jul 2018