IT Services

At Rochester and Associates our clients are very important to us and so we are always looking to improve our IT services and provide clients with the best support we can. We listen to what they need and look for solutions that will help their business.

What our clients are saying...

Why choose our services?

  • Our FREE IT audit shows customers how to save time and money and has never failed yet to find savings for a business
  • We offer regular support and one-off call outs.
  • We don’t just fix computers we can source new ones and install all software for you.
  • A great ticketing system helps clients tell us quickly about any problems and be able to see how things are progressing.
  • One-off clean ups can keep systems in top shape.
  • We offer lease options and free trials for software such as Antivirus and Office 365
  • We’re helping our customers get Superfast Broadband